Company Background

World Discovery Travel (M) Sdn Bhd has a plethora of experience when it comes to ticketing and tours. Our trained staff, with IATA / UFTAA qualifications, has experience and expertise in providing the full range of travel and its related services making us a one-stop travel center for you. We provide all the detailed services including air tickets, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, car rental, travel insurance as well as arranging travel related facilities such as organizing seminars, conferences and custom-made packages. The team is passionate about planning programmes that provide their clients with a life-changing experience.

Since 1997, World Discovery Travel has been offering pilgrims a chance to visit the Holyland, something which is on the bucket list of Christians around the world. It is always a special and spiritual feeling when you walk in the Holyland, and many have returned with a sense of peace and joy. Since then, pilgrimages have expanded to include the Turkey, Patmos, Antioch and the 7 Churches of Revelation, Paul’s Second Missionary Journey in Greece, Egypt: Land of Pharaohs and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in Petra, Jordan. We have also now included Poland, Italy, England, Georgia & Armenia, Russia, Reformation Tour in Germany and the Balkans to the list of Christian based tours.

There is so much to learn and experience in these faith-enriching tours that while the majority of clients are first-timers, World Discovery also boasts a significant number of repeat travelers who have returned two or three times. World Discovery Travel not only caters for large group tours, but also for smaller groups and VIP groups.

For more information please contact the Christian Tour Department via email at or call 03-20261128.

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